Emirates Airlines

I really liked Emirites Airlines. First of all, I got here alive. That merits an automatic “B+” in my book. But Emirites has more than earned an “A.”

Second, they are classy. The stewards and stewardesses look amazing, and they are exceptionally helpful and friendly. My top favorite airline is still Lufthanza, but I would definitely fly Emitates again.

The food was pretty darn good, the best I’ve had on an airline ever, but that was probably attributable to the customers served—Indians flying back home to India, so incredible vegetarian dishes were available. Have I mentioned I want to buy a cookbook here?

While the planes themselves didn’t look new new new, the pilots were fabulous. One landing in particular was as smooth as silk. We were up and then down. No furious breaking at the end. It was all nice and easy.

The video entertainment was outstanding. Movies galore! Plus, great flying and map stats in real time about our flight. Images are captioned in both Arabic and English.

This what first class looks like.

But I found my economy fare to be exceptional. Both of my flights had empty seats, so I had my row all to myself.


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