Breakfast at the Taj

As I wait for my phone to charge before heading off to the museums, I thought I would comment on breakfast.

I walked up to one of the restaurants at the Taj and was seated immediately. There seemed to be an expectation that I was there for the buffet and that would have been fine except it was all carbs: cereals, fruits, breads, muffins, etc. And no traditional Indian dishes. I explained to my waiter what I wanted, but agreed to at least look at the buffet.

Nope. I spotted other diners having real food and was perplexed. I explained the concept of carbs and told my waiter that if I ate that, I wasn’t going to feel very good. He went off and talked to someone else. I overhead the word “American,” and out came the menu.

Which of course begs the question: what does “American” mean? Persistent? Hard headed? Tips well? I tried to reinforce option 3 as clearly I was already the poster child for options 1 and 2.

I got a traditional Masala. And please forgive me but the only thing I know about Indian food is that I feel good after eating it and it tastes wonderful. Yeah mint!

I told my waiter: See, I made the right choice!

A lady walked by and said wistfully, oh that looks good.

Upon further reflection I believe the staff were merely trying to please by offering standard American fare. They were trying to make me feel comfortable and at home.

The staff at the Taj deserve better than my silly criticism because they are exceptionally hard working and professional. I count myself truly fortunate to be here in this historic hotel among these remarkable and trustworthy people. They are one of India’s many treasures, but more on that later.

Let’s suffice it to say that the incredible staff at the Taj have already made me feel cared for and  at home and I truly appreciate their efforts.

Intentions and meaning do get lost in translation as one travels. When we are out of our element and physically removed from our social networks it becomes about deciding quickly whom to trust.Making the correct decision is a matter of survival. Thankfully at the Taj, this isn’t even a question.

Addendum to post: A day later I realized my mistake. I had only seen one part of the buffet. There was more. A whole line, in fact of delicious traditional foods, warm and waiting to be scooped up. I had not seen them, and so here was the root of the misunderstanding. My takeaway: have a careful look around. The buffet was a bit pricey, though at nearly 20 USD for one person. It was a nice splurge.


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