Shop With Shakeel!

Pink scarfSo as I said in an earlier post, I missed out on some major souvenir shopping because I left my money and credit cards in Mumbai before traveling to Aurangabad. Fortunately, I had the bride’s gift on me as this is what saved me while I was in Aurangabad. That and the Taj hotels were tremendously understanding and helpful.

At the Ellora caves, there were tons of hawkers, all wanting me to buy their things. It was overwhelming, sort of like turning instantly into a famous movie star and having paparazzi surround you and not let you go.

It was exactly like that.

Which is how I met Shakeel. He was the most persistent and as a result I wound up hiring him to keep the rest of them away from me.

plain blue scarfThis was a brilliant plan except he wasn’t allowed to go inside the caves with me. Within the caves lurked the cave masters. Ok, so that’s not what they’re called, but they are park employees wanting tips, and since I was low in cash, spending through the bride’s gift, I wasn’t my usual understanding and generous self. Do the math. Thirty four caves at at least 100 rupees a cave equals 3400 rupees!!!

In U.S. dollars that is approximately $53. And I didn’t have it. But anyway, I digress.

Shopping is what I wanted to talk about. Silk scarves in India are to die for. I love them. What a great way to feel and look like a girl. Yippee!

The catch is that they aren’t cheap. The ones I’m talking about are hand woven on the loom with intricate patterns. I swoon still just to think of them.

That’s when Shakeel stepped in and saved the day. I was able to work with him to buy the souvenirs I would have bought, but didn’t. We handled these “negotiations” via WhatsApp with him sending me countless photos of scarves and me asking, uh, do you  have anything else?

orange scarfPoor guy. He had the patience of a saint. The best salesman I’ve ever met.

So, check out the treasures of Aurangabad and Ellora though Shakeel. Let him be your personal shopper.

I got my scarves today! And they are lovely. I’m not the greatest scarf model in the world, but you get the idea.

To learn more about Shakeel and what he can do for you, check out his website at and Shop With Shakeel! 🙂


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