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One of the things that seemed noticeably absent from India was music. And this could be because I just wasn’t there long enough to find and associate with music lovers.

Thankfully, one of my new Indian friends has pointed out some artists for me. They are:

Aslam Saabri (below is an example)

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Sabri Brothers (Ghulam Saabri)

Arijit Singh


Our office in India!

I just had to put an exclamation point on that. The community feeling at our company is so strong  and our confidence in each other is so great that we can literally fly halfway around the world on a few days notice and instantly feel at home. 

It may sound like I’m drinking the cool aid, but our values cross international borders and our company culture is strong. Whether I am vacationing by a remote campfire in the Olympic National Forest in the U.S. or meeting a colleague in Mumbai, I continue to hear stories of how our products are the best on the world. It’s something for us all to be very proud of.

And the view is pretty sweet.

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I’m in Mumbai…!

Querido Pablito:

Got here. At hotel. Internet works, but phone doesn’t. I need to go talk with the “business services” part of the hotel and get them to give me a SIM card for my iPhone.

Not sure how many consecutive hours I’ve been traveling. I left the house at 3 a.m. on Monday and now it’s 8:45 p.m. Mumbai time the next day with a 13.5+ hour time difference.

At this point, if you told me I had two “f”s in my last name, I’d say “ok, sure.”

The drive from Mumbai to the airport — not sure how to describe that. 

In fact I feel like when you get to the very top of a roller coaster ride and you know you’re about to take off but haven’t yet.